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KNX Bluetooth IOT Devices

KNX-Bluetooth Mobile App


The KNX Bluetooth Mobile App is a unique solution for enhancing KNX capabilities. It lets you control KNX devices via your phone, connect KNXBLE Gateway and integrate IFTTT devices and scenes all in one app.

Future KNX IOT App available on the iPhone - Apple App StoreFuture KNX IOT App available on the Android - Google Play Store
Future KNX IOT App
Future KNX Bluetooth Retome Controller

KNX-Bluetooth Remote


The KNX Bluetooth Remote is an excellent device for controlling domestic switching devices with its versatile features. 12 long press and 12 short press functions, users have flexibility in managing various operations such as turning devices on or off, dimming lights, controlling curtains, and activating scene functions. Configured it using ETS6 software. Overall, valuable tool for home automation user for efficient and flexible control over their smart devices.

Future KNX Bluetooth Remote Controller Icons

KNX-Bluetooth Gateway


KNX Bluetooth Gateway is a compact gateway with 255 freely configurable channels (KNX data points). The device allows easy integration of Mobile Application (FTR-MAP.1.1) and Bluetooth Remote (FTR-RMT.1.1) devices supporting the Bluetooth protocol ito KNX project.

KNX Thermostat
Future KNX Bluetooth Gateway

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